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GOST-R Quality Certificate

 Use of GOST-R Certificate

 Types of GOST-R Certificate

 Procedures and Steps for GOST-R Certification

Use of GOST-R Certificate

 Gost-R Quality CertificatesA GOST-R Certificate must be obtained for each and every product traded in retail or in bulk within the boundaries of the Russian Federation and Belarus. Sale of products without a GOST-R Certificate is legally impossible except for the markets of cheapest products.

If a Turkish exporter tries to export products to Russian Federation and Belarus without the certificate, the importer is obliged to obtain it at the customs, which causes complaints at the side of buyer or decreases prices.
If a product is documented to be in conformity with the standards by this certificate, it is easily cleared at the customs and merchandized at the higher level stores and markets. This helps to increase the image value of Turkish products. But most importantly, our products are sold at better prices, getting rid of the no-name Far Eastern or cheap products concept.

The certificates are issued by some expert organizations accredited by Rostekhregulirovanie (Federal Institute of Technical Regulations and Metrology), formerly known as Gosstandart. If you contact us and conclude a contract, your application will be filed immediately through our office in Moscow, Russian experts will conduct surveys at your premises if necessary and your certificate will be ready in 30-45 days. However, this period is applicable only if the product samples are presented to the laboratories in Moscow in time.

Types of GOST-R Certificate

Single Use (Lot-Based) Certificate : A Russian company should be specified as the importer of your products for the purpose of this certificate. This company purchases your products on the basis of a contract and these products in the specific quantity can be imported only with this certificate. It specifies the name of importer, place of production, HS codes (customs tariff numbers) of the product, and date and number of the contract. It is valid only for once for a specific Russian importer and for the merchandise whose quantity and descriptions are given thereon.

1-Year Mass Production Certificate : It is issued on the basis of samples and documents without an expert visit and valid for 1 year. It is issued for mass production and functions in the same way as the 3-year certificates do.

3-Year Mass Production Certificate : It is issued for mass production for a period of 3 years upon an expert visit. This certificate is valid for customs clearance of all consignments performed in a period of 3 years upon its issuance and also for mandatory declarations at the local markets of Russia and Belarus. Annual surveys are required by the regulations for 3-year certificates.

GOST-R Certificate is required for use at

 Russian Federation and Belarus customs (mandatory)

 Retail Shops (for products sold in retail)

 Constructions (to obtain an inhabitation license)

 Production Facilities and Factories (to obtain a Work and Production Permit)

 Places like industrial kitchens or laundries (to obtain an Operational License)

In addition to foregoing, a GOST-R Certificate, like an ISO or TSE one, contributes to the prestige of your company in Russian Federation, Belarus, Kazakhstan and other Turkic Republics.

GOST-R Certificate is legally valid for

 Russian Federation and Belarus

GOST-R Certificate is effective in

 Kazakhstan, Turkic Republics, Baltic States, Moldova and Caucasian Republics.

GOST-R Certificate is also classified as Mandatory and Optional :

Mandatory Certificates

The certificates obtained for such products must be presented to the Russian Federation customs.

Optional Certificates

It is not mandatory to present the certificates obtained for the products not listed below to the customs.


Procedures and Steps for GOST-R Certification

GOST-R Certificates are issued through private or semi-private organizations accredited by “Federal Institute of Technical Regulations and Metrology” (State Standards Institution of Russian Federation).

 The firms should satisfy the conditions below to be certified :

 Please fill in our Application Form. It will make us fully informed about you and your products. We will try to contact you as soon as possible to proceed with the procedures.

 We will thoroughly examine your firm and products and send by mail our detailed Price Offer in conformity with your commercial purposes. Our Price Offer will be forwarded in 48 hours upon receipt of your application.

 An on-site expert visit is not required for Lot-Based Certificates or 1-Year Mass Production Certificates, and your GOST-R Certificate is issued in a short period of time on the basis of tests to be performed according to the nature of your products sent to Moscow as samples if necessary, available documents and test reports.

 For 3-Year Mass Production Certificates, the Russian experts generally need to visit your premises to examine. In this so-called 3-a Scheme* survey system, an authorized Expert conducts surveys at your premises in Turkey according to an “Audit Procedure for the Products to be Certified”. You will be informed accordingly before the visit about the details of this survey.

 The original and certified copies of your GOST-R Certificate are sent to your address.