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Tueger Certification Center is an expert organization for provision of quality certificates (GOST-R, GOST-K, UkrSEPRO) and derivatives (GPN, GSEN, RTN, GOSTSTROY) thereof which are required by the applicable ministries of Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine and Kazakhstan for any product exports thereto.

These certificates are :

 GOST-R : Product Conformity Certificate
 RTN : Industrial Safety Certificate
 GSEN : Hygiene Certificate 
 GPN : Fire Safety Certificate
 GOSTSTROY : Construction Products Certificate
 UkrSEPRO : Product Conformity Certificate for Ukraine
 GOST-K : Product Conformity Certificate for Kazakhstan
and also :
 Exemption Letter
 License of Use for Medical Devices and Equipment, Ministry of Health
 License of Registration and Use for Measurement Devices
The procedures that need to be followed to obtain conformity certificates, permissions of use and sale, licenses, expert reports and similar documents required for each product by the states listed above, are described in detail in our web site. You may also have professional consulting services for all of your inquiries upon your request.

Just fill in and return the Quality Certificate Application Form to get a price quotation for quality certificates. The terms and charges applicable for certifications depend on the description, type and quantity of the product, the nature of tests to be performed and whether a previous certificate is available or not. Our experts, having examined all the documents presented about the product, specify the charge and term applicable to a particular certification procedure. For urgent cases, for example when an exported product should be cleared at the customs immediately, certification procedures can be completed in 1 or 2 business days for the lots in question.

 We strongly believe that our experience in this business will lead you to the desired outcomes and make you to achieve in the best way in these new target markets.

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